Remote support


If you have a software issue and a working broadband connection, we may be able to put it right without even visiting you! Our remote support service allows us, at your request, to take control of your computer over an internet connection, see what’s wrong and change it! Mooretech Computer Services remote support.
Setting up is quite straight forward:
Step 1 – Arrange a time with Poorly PCs for the remote support
Step 2 – Receive a telephone call at the agreed time
Step 3 – Download and run a simple program from Mooretech (click, download and run from the blue box above.
Step 4 – Watch the problem being fixed.

Please note, this service is not intended as a replacement for physical visits, but rather as a complementary service. There are many cases where this service may or may not be suitable for resolving the issue, depending on the problem and the configuration of your system. Remote support typically takes as long as a standard visit, and is subject to technician availability, so the service is by appointment only and is usually charged at a similar rate to standard visits.